( His & Her's Adult Toys )

We have restocked our Adult toy department with all your needs for fun and games. All shapes and sizes you need to make you and your partner happy.
We carry anything and everything for your adult pleasure and fantasies! From lingerie, fetish toys, menswear, DVDs, magazines, books, Games, lotions, lubricants, X-rated candy, party favors for bachelor and bachelorette party's.
All brands of dong's, vibrators, plugs, cockiness, wands, pumps, from basic to high-tech! With remotes, solar, USB chargers, rechargeable no batteries ever needed.
Fleshlights always in stock, same price as the Internet.
On top of our extensive selection we also have courteous and knowledgeable staff.
Let us help you find what turns you and your partner on! May all of your fantasies and dreams come true!

Sexual Enhancement pills. All the best! All natural! No headaches or side effects! Better than Viagra or Cialis! Repeat customers have true testimonies. These pills are time released for 3-5-7-9 day formulas. They work in 15 minutes! Our best seller is called dragons! Try one today for 11.95 each five day formula or two for 19.95.


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